Wes McNew

Theater has been a part of Wes’ life since preschool.  In fact you could almost say he was forced to love it, almost.  As the son of a children’s pastor, Wes was in numerous plays at his church and over time, being in the spot light grew into a passion. His affinity for different accents landed him his first lead role in middle school.

In high school Wes was heavily involved in drama classes and would participate in two more plays including being invited to perform in Evangel University’s, Fiddler on the Roof.  He was also part of the nationally recognized HTV magazine team he won several awards for his broadcast stories, as well as, his short sketch comedy pieces.

Wes continued his study in theater at Evangel University taking several drama classes and landing roles in three different plays, The Tempest and The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare, and a student filmed version of Alice in Wonderland.  It was at Evangel that Wes also wrote a short movie and co-produced another in which both won a national student film awards.

After college Wes married Heather Harpster and moved to Memphis Tennessee.  There they helped start a none-profit program for inner city youth called Graffiti Playground.  Wes wrote one and directed two original plays while running the drama program.

After three years they moved back to Springfield Missouri to be closer to family.  Since living here, Wes has
written over eight original plays and adapting eight others for productions.  Now he spends most of his time
behind the scenes helping kids and teenagers refine their acting skills and directing plays and other
productions for Evolution.


Allie Hutsell

In “Vocal Performance” Allie Hutsell provides 35 years of experience as a Vocalist, Entertainer, Musician, and Coach offering any quality services from coaching to voicecovers… she delivers excellence in catering to your vocal and performance needs…

“We deliver quality professional services to small businesses that fit your budget.”


John Krygiel

“Hello! My name is ‘Laid Back John’ and music is my passion! The ability to express myself through the guitar is one of the most liberating, inspiring, and downright fun activities I participate in.

I want you to experience this awesome feeling as well!

My lessons are comprised of two facets: rocking at life and on guitar. I’ve found that they go hand in hand. That is, as your ability to play the guitar improves, so does your quality of life. As you begin to believe in yourself and your ability to play, you grow as a person and it is inspiring! By having confidence in your skills on the guitar, it will translate into confidence in the social, school, and business worlds.

As for my credentials to teach you, I’ve studied and played guitar for over ten years, recorded in studios, and played in and around Springfield for over six years.

I look forward to meeting you and finding out your story and your music!”

We will also be offering Music Theory and Music Therapy Classes. If you are interested in these upcoming classes, please visit our contact page and send us a note!